Thursday, March 12, 2009

Antibacterial Soap

Yes!  Once again my hubby is HOME! 
He was only gone for a week and a half this time, but I was sick for a week of that time, which made our separation feel like forever!  
When we talked on the phone, we swore we wouldn't kiss each other either so he doesn't catch anything - but once we saw each other, that was out the window.  
He says it was worth it, and that's so sweet, but I wonder if he really knows what he might be in for.  

I still have a sore throat.  
I went out ONE night with my girlfriends and apparently picked something up while in Denver because three days later I had the beginnings of an illness that kicked my butt.  I should have washed my hands more.  Grrrr.  
Since I've been staying home a lot, my immune system isn't used to outside germs anymore.  So, it's kind of like being a kindergarten teacher, I guess.  You know, when they start teaching, they're sick all the time because they're around little kids that have no concept of hygiene?
Yes, if only my sickness was because I was hanging out with fun little kids.  

It was no fun lying in bed for four days straight and then "taking it easy" on the couch on day five.  My poor puppy was full of energy and just begging for me to play with him.  
I did for maybe five minutes when I felt like I could manage; but it made me so tired that it never lasted for long and landed me right back in bed needing a nap. 
My girlfriend Keely and her mom Jennifer came over like the angels they are walked the dog right in the middle of being out of commission.  
How sweet is that? 

My Mom came over and made me potato soup a
nd cornbread and watched a movie with me on day five.  Hopefully I don't get her sick, but the fever was long gone and I wasn't coughing much.  We disinfected all the surfaces and light switches and everything with wipes that supposedly kill cold and flu viruses.  I sprayed everything down with Lysol before she came over too, so it better work!  I repeated the routine today before I left for the airport to pick up Matt - but what's the point if he kisses me and sleeps next to me?  

The men in his family supposedly have impenetrable immune systems (not entirely true), but they don't get sick very often.  I think it's because a) they don't wash their hands very much or b) they don't wash their fruits or veggies before they eat them.  
I guess that would expose you to all kinds of things:  people picking their noses; sneezing; coughing; and God knows what else on the produce!!  I don't care if it does help with the immunities - I am going to continue to wash my veggies!! 

But it brings up an interesting idea that we've probably all heard rumor about:  do we live in a society that is too sterile?  And as a result, when we are exposed to some bacteria or virus, our bodies can't fight it off.  I've heard that antibacterial soap is a big no-no and that it does more harm than good to keep our lives so clean.  

On the other hand, my Mom is a dental hygienist and she is in people's mouths all the time.  She is very clean and germ-conscious.  She's always washing her hands and rarely ever gets sick.  Once, when I was in elementary school, strep throat was going around and almost every kid had been sick with it, and then it started going around a second time.  My Mom got tired of it and went in their to disinfect all of the desks and wash the classroom water bottles (everyone had their own).  I guess kids kept re-exposing themselves to the virus.  The teachers thought she was a "crazy germaphobe;" but it worked.  (Just as an aside:  I have never had strep; but my brother used to get it all the time.  Go figure.)  

So which way is better?  

To wash with antibacterial soap or not?

I guess that since I'm not an uber-clean person, I'll still get my share of germs in the house.  That and I'm sure the hubby'll sneak them in somehow.  ; )   He'll probably use my keyboard or something after touching unwashed fruit!

So for now, my routine will stay the same - except that when I go out to public places, I'll probably wash my hands a little more to be on the safe side.  


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CaRoLiNe said...

washing hands is a big yes.

esp in public restrooms (on the road) and in european trains (aka sick nasty).....maybe our society IS too sterile...but i won't lie i kinda of like it that way.

love love