Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update: Axle is healing, Tanner is ONE and our granite

Here's a short update on a couple of things:  

Puppy got his stitches out today!  2 weeks post-op.  He is lookin' good!  (This photo was taken the first day after surgery - so the swelling and bruising has gone down.)  He's so strong now, it's difficult keeping him from pulling on his leash.  

Tanner is ONE year old!  Here he is on his first trip to the aquarium.  He can barely stay in his seat!

Tanner wanting to swim with the fishes.  (Sting ray, actually.) 

Tanner enjoying his first taste of spaghetti.  (He cried when he was presented with his yellow cake / chocolate icing birthday cake - I guess the icing was too gooey and messy!)  No matter...the more for the rest of us.  He doesn't know what he's missing yet.   

Tanner showing Bryan a big leopard at the zoo.  

We were all mesmerized by this beautiful show of feathers.  

Here's our granite for the bathroom vanities.  Matt really wanted something orange, lighter in overall color with a lot of movement.  I didn't want orange...but we found this one and both liked it.  This'll go on top of two different colors of cherry wood vanities.   

That's the update for now.    
More later.  



CaRoLiNe said...

got to LOVE it
aw yes grandmommie is here for joseph's graduation and she has promised to show me lots of tanner pictures!


looks like ya'll had a lot of fun.

randar question: momma wanted to know how/where you found your writing group. she's kind of searching for something similar in our area.

thank you love!


Lauren said...

Love your comments as usual Caroline.

For your Mom -
There's this website called - there's groups for everything in practically every city.

At first, I was scared that it would be a bunch of single people just looking to meet other singles, (and there are groups for that), but this one is such a mixed group.

I really enjoy it. I've heard a lot of comments about how our group provides feedback that's even better than some of the "professional" (and expensive) writing groups in town. But that depends on the group, of course. ; )

Have her check it out. It would be worth her while.