Monday, February 9, 2009

My Paintings

This weekend was nice and relaxing for my hubby and me.  
Matt finally had the chance to work on his 4-Runner and I finally finished a painting I've been working on for many months.  
It was sort of a procrastination for not writing this weekend.  Bad, I know.  But sometimes, it's good to step back a bit and just think about other things.  Sometimes inspiration comes from doing that every once in a while.  
My technique could be improved, of course, but this painting is of particular sentimental value to me.  The inspiration was from a photo I took of Matt on our honeymoon.  Matt has been good enough to provide me with feedback throughout the process of the painting and yesterday he finally said "It looks good, sweetie.  I'm proud of you." 
Here's a pic of the painting - which is a bit off since the paint isn't quite dry.  

And some of the detail...

The original photo is already one of the pics on my blog.  You will probably be able to see the similarities and differences.  As I said before though, I've never taken classes - so that might help me to improve a lot AND water is HARD to convey.  But, for the most part, I'm proud of it.  
Here's some of the other paintings I've been working on / finished recently:  

My girlfriend, Keely's birthday present, "Green Violin" (still drying):  
She hasn't seen it yet - unless she reads my blog.  Ha!  Maybe this'll get her on here.  

I'm not sure if this one is complete yet or not.  I like the translucency of the trees and the sort of ghostly unfinished feeling this painting has.

This one was created because I wanted to put some paint to part of my novel.  It's not finished - but I do like all of the vibrancy and color and movement of this.  I'm not sure if this is something I would display in my home or not.  

This is the first of my violin series.  "Red Violin."  Sadly, it doesn't photograph as well as the green (which was made specifically because Keely said she liked this one).  This one is pretty much finished.  I'm just waiting a little longer for it to dry so I can glaze and frame it.  

This is really thick paint - which can take up to a year to dry.   

There are some others I could share, but they are not quite ready yet.  This is an incredibly wonderful release for me.  I can be alone with my thoughts or music or something and just create.  If you have been looking for a creative outlet for yourself, I encourage trying something like this.  It's very freeing and, really, if you look at some of these, it does not need to be complicated.  

My brother and sister in-law gave me some watercolors for Christmas this year, so I look forward to testing those out. 
AND I think the next thing I'll try out is acrylic paint.  It dries a lot faster.  
I just really love the thick, vibrant paint that oil provides.  Maybe I'll try mixed media soon.  
I've got a series combining musical notes and fruit that I've been working on that would be perfect for that.  

Well, I hope all is well with each of you.  I'd love to hear what you think! 





Jewels said...

Oh my gosh Lauren! You are amazing! Really, really, really good! I am so jealous of people who are able to express themselves artistically. If the whole writing thing doesn't work out (which it will) this would be yet another way to go. You are super talented! I'm going to send my mom your blog so she can see these - she has been asking my grandma to do a "fruit" series painting for a while I think. Awesome! (and by the way thanks for the prayers for my upcoming surgery)

Lauren said...

Thanks Jewels! I would love it if the Mertz came to my blog! You are so sweet.
Do you mean our Grandma? Or another one on your Dad's side? I know you have some painters in the Gerber family. I saw some of the boxes your Mom brought home to Kristen for Christmas gifts.

I do have so much fun painting. But I hope I get better. I wish I could do a lot more. I just end up faking what I don't know or not doing what I can't do right now. I'd like it to be a choice not to use certain techniques - not lack of skill. You know? ; )
Well anyway - you've been such an encouragement to me. Thanks!
Love you!