Friday, January 23, 2009


I am so happy.
My husband is finally home!!!  
He has been gone for 3 weeks at the Brenkle family ranch in California and I am so glad to have him back. 

We even had one of those sappy airport reunions where you hug and get misty-eyed and you can't wipe the silly grin off of your face.  It was wonderful.    

When we got home, our 1 year old puppy was SO excited to see Matt.  Axle is Daddy's boy for sure and Mommy just doesn't play as rough (the way he likes it).  He was so confused when he saw Matt.   I think at first it didn't register with him that the man in the kitchen was his man.  Such a cute reunion.  Lots of squeaking and wiggling and tail wagging and face licking.  Very sweet.  

I am looking forward to hunkering down in the cold weather with some hot tea, some movies and my honey.  

Yep...I still have a stupid grin on my face.  So happy to have my man home.  


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Jewels said...

YAY - he's home!!! I hope y'all had a great weekend - and now at least you have a babysitter so you won't hurt yourself anymore. ;)